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The first word ?? ( motae) means “ mother’s womb

The first word ?? ( motae) means “ mother’s womb

To express “she had hitched” it’s also possible to utilize the phrase ????? (sijipgasseoyo) which is a bona-fide phrase (maybe not Korean slang) virtually meaning “she went to the brand new within the-statutes home.” For boys, you can utilize ????? (janggagasseoyo) as an alternative.

?? (mossol) ‘s the reduced brand of the phrase ???? (motae sollo). ” Next term ?? ( sollo ) sounds like “solamente,” which means a person who is not inside the a love.

In the event you be ?? (mossol) and want to strive flames which have flames, you can use ???? ???? (sollocheonguk keopeuljiok). It’s geared towards people, and you will mode “Solamente Heaven Partners Heck.”

Quick for ??? ?? (geukanui hyeomo), that it keywords . ?? (geukan) form “restrict otherwise high” and you may ?? (hyeomo) function “hatred, disgust otherwise revulsion” very place them together with her along with a reduced keywords you to definitely mode exactly that – tall disgust!

Use this together with your Korean https://hookuphotties.net/college-hookup-apps/ nearest and dearest in the event that you have to claim that something is extremely unpleasant or revolting, eg once you venture into the newest weird components of YouTube!

That is a variety of the new verbs ?? (mildang | to get) and you will ??? (danggida | to get). But not, in cases like this the language do not practically imply driving and you can pulling like in a tug-of-war or a doorway.

Brief getting ??? ?? (masinneun jeomsim), so it Korean jargon keyword only refers to a good “delicious lunch.” Must describe a delicious dinner and voice cool performing this? Just use ?? (matjeo), small having ??? ?? (masinneun jeonyeok)! Reducing some thing really is easy, isn’t it?

Have you ever played a keen RPG otherwise approach game such Community out-of Warcraft in which their reputation expands within the level immediately after making sure profits?

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